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Come and relax in our friendly, warm country retreat. Wake to birdsong in our clean, green and eco-friendly quality accommodation.Backpackers, campervans, caravans, campers and all lovers of nature will receive a hearty welcome at Riverside Haven.

Our peaceful site is covered by a vast selection of specimen trees, the Waianakaura River, which makes for a peaceful and tranquil setting, borders our 25-acre farm property. Only trees and the magnificent cliff and hillside to view. These fine features in a unique setting very close to the beach are ideal for leisure or sporing activities.

Being placed between Oamaru and Moeraki for the Yellow Eyed penguins, New Zealand fur seals, and the Moeraki lighthouse and of coursed the famous Moeraki Boulders. One hour drive to Dunedin and fifteen minutes to Oamaru to view the Blue penguins at night.

You will need several days to explore what this unique and very special part of the country has on offer for you. So don’t wait, enquire today and make your booking. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

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Lastest News

Hello to everybody out there. Alot has happened here since Christmas and I don't know where this year is going.
We are still very busy here with the tourests and trying to get our renovations done does become a challange.
The toilet / shower block has been painted and we are now trying to get the lodge all done before Easter. Shona has been painting all the signs in the areas where needed and is looking good. Nobody should now get lost when getting from the rooms to the tiolets etc.
Campers have there own lounge area and the kitchen is fully equied for them. The lodge area we are working on now and will also get a face lift.
Would anyone out there like to join in on the Global challange with Samsung. I am doing this with Shona and we are needing more persons to join in the fun. It is going to be interesting to see how many steps and goals we can acheive this month.
It sure has made me think about how busy I get and at the end of the night know that I have done well on a good day but when it is a bit quiet you know as the steps and challanges you should get you miss out on. So come on don't be a couch
pototo and get moving. Join us in the Challange.
Our weather here has been great and now with all the rain we are back to mowing all the lawns and grounds around us.
George helps with the hill side and the other animals help in the paddocks.
We don't have Rosie and Dextor any more but have just got four LowLine Angus x Freshion calves. We have named our first two Buttercup and Daisy but are looking for names for the other two which we pickup this week. Any thought would be good.
The wind here is coming up and is blowing a gale. Time to go and check out the camp site with awnings. Will post new pictures of the going on here and our newest additions to the farm animals. Take care out there and have fun.

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Hello to everyone out there. We have had a busy year fixing and finishing off alteration that we have been doing.
Painting in winter we found a challenge as it was to cold and the paint just didn't wont to stay on the walls. We got there in the end and now has gone from the greens and whites to tangerine and alibaster. The camp kitchen has had a make over it now. Having full ovens has made a difference. We have put more bench space in and added an addition for the fridges to be out of the kitchen its self. Painting is nearly finished just waiting on plumber to do his bit. I am laying the flooring this week and that will be all done. Our dinning room lounge area for the camp site has made a big difference and everyone who uses it feel just like at home. We have had the Whitestone Contractors in this past few weeks laying the pipe line from Oamaru to Moeraki. We will soon have the water on our side of the property instead of going over the river so now worry now of our pipe coming down in heavy winds.
This time last year we were mowing lawn twice a week and now our ground have browned off and we mowed for the last time last night. (maybe as we did have a down pour of rain).
It is time now to get back into the gardens. I planted my vege garden in November and have had a great success. We have been eating vege for the last two week. I read a book on Organic starter for the plants using Willow leaves and Bark and thought I would give it a go. Well if you want veges in a quick time try this out. You soak the willow in a bucket or drum and leave for a couple of days, then water your garden with it every morning and thats it. Will post photos shortly.
We at Riverside Haven Lodge & Holiday Park wish everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPLY NEW YEAR. TAKE CARE OUT THERE.

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